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You threw away my life memories (including everything having to do with my deceased father, my birth certificate, my adoption papers, and everything else) and didn’t ask one time after you shut me out if I wanted them. And YOU’RE mad cause someone else had the decency to give ME something of MINE back? Trust me. I would have gotten them had I known I could do it without going through you. There were plenty of people in Va offering to go get my shit for me, but I told them no. I said you didn’t need anymore reminders of my existence. You didn’t need me or my name constantly popping up in your life. And you got to throw away everything I’ve ever had for my entire life and I didn’t complain or bother you one time about it because I knew that you were hurt and I wanted you to do whatever you had to do to feel better and move on. THAT was more important to me than the material things I had left behind. And because someone had the balls to say, “Hey. This is yours. Would you like to have it?” You want to start a fight with them? He’s not asking to be my friend or to have me back in his life. The conversation was short, to the point, and over. He’s just doing what any decent human being would do. And the only reason I asked that it be sent to me is because it was a picture of me and my grandfather who passed away earlier this year and that (because you threw everything away) is the only thing I have left of him. I’m sorry I hurt you, but I’m not bothering you anymore. I’m not asking to be in your life or to know what you do on a daily basis and I’m not asking for your forgiveness. But to my knowledge, you have a new girlfriend. So are you moved on or not? Cause with the way you’re up and ready to fight at the mention of my name, it doesn’t really seem like it. Hope your girlfriend doesn’t feel the same way.

Have a nice life. 

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